Watch the What’s Up With Art Librarianship Webinar!

For those who couldn’t join us last week, or for those who did and want to relive the magic:

ARLIS/NA New England Chapter’s webinar Virtual Snapshot: What’s Up With Art Librarianship? is now available to view on the ARLIS/NA Learning Portal!

To watch the webinar on the Portal, follow this link. Access to the ARLIS/NA Learning Portal is open to anyone (not just ARLIS/NA members!) interested in current issues in art librarianship. You will be prompted to create a username and password. Additionally, the webinar is available to watch here on the ARLIS/NA New England YouTube channel.

The webinar is a virtual tour of the art library/visual resources profession. Whether you’re an art library veteran, art library-curious, or somewhere in between this is an illuminating look at some of the exciting work happening in the field right now.

Presenters and Topics
Jesi Buell, Instructional Design and Web Librarian, Colgate University
Information and Visual Literacy Instruction Tools
Digital Learning Objects (DLOs) are examples of a successful Blended Learning tool at Colgate University. These interactive, digital tutorials allow for student learning outside the classroom which increases time in Library sessions, put lessons in context, and encourages autodidactism. This presentation will show examples, give advice on best practices, and explain how the Instructional Design Librarian plans on putting together a visual literacy DLO.

Jasmine Burns, Image Technologies and Visual Literacy Librarian, Indiana University Bloomington
Visual Resource Collection Management
During this presentation, I will discuss my plans for a large data migration from a homegrown institutional image repository (created by my predecessor in the mid-1990s) into ARTstor’s SharedShelf. I will give a background of the structure and uses of current system, map out my overall migration plan, and share my projected timeline for the process.

Sarah Carter, Director, Bridwell Art Library at the University of Louisville
Creative Outreach and Programming
The Bridwell Art Library connected the artistic practice of self portraits to a wider audience by designing and implementing a social media campaign highlighting “Shelfies in Art History.” This presentation will focus on the collaborative exhibit design and promotion that made the exhibit and social media campaign a success with not only our patrons, but within the wider community of Louisville.

Lareese Hall, Architecture + Art Librarian, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Artists’ Book Collections
If you had to use just six books in your artists’ book collection to explain your collection philosophy what would you choose? This is the premise for a video series that looks at artists’ books in academic environments and at what it means to “collect”.